Why leave…?

I was born in Sweden by parents with Kurdish background. I moved to Canada 15 years ago and met the love of my life. We have built a business, a family with two wonderful boys and are active members in our community, may it be work related or charity related. In short – we care. We like to accommodate and we thrive in knowing we’ve managed to contribute in one way or another.

So why in gods name would I just pack up and leave?

Because I can, thanks to my supportive family.

Because I have the strength to do so, thanks to my very blessed life.

Because I always end-up where I am needed.

Because I always go where I want to be…

For eight months headlines and news have been painfully cutting in to my soul. I was always effected and aware of the poverty, wars and injustices going on around the world and have constantly been raising awareness because we are all connected to one another, because we are all in fact ONE.

So this is why; with all that I have and all that I posses, because of all that I have been given from each and everyone that has crossed my path in life, family or acquaintance, friend or foe, I will now bring my entire life experience that has strengthened me where I need to be strong and weakened me where I need to be sensitive to try to give as much as I possibly can.

The biggest mistake we can do in life is to underestimate the power of oneself. The greater we believe we are, the more influence we’ll have and in turn the more changes we will accomplish. We are organs in this world just like every single one in our body is there for a reason and together we are strong, and if not, you can always be the appendix which medically has no good purpose however I believe it’s there to warn us when we take our life for granted.

And with that thought and the blessing and support of my loved ones, I have packed and I’m off , not knowing for how long but knowing I need to begin somewhere and that is to somehow, someway, aid my people, the close to 1,5 million displaced Kurdish people in South Kurdistan.

With LOVE,


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